Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Icy Somerset...

Charity with Night Parade in Swindon

We went to Swindon last night with our friend Dave Clayton for Rab to play a charity gig with Night Parade.  Phil Spalding organized the event for the Gloucester House Addictions Rehabilitation Centre - "Buy a Bed, Save a Life".... also performing were Simon Townshend, Anna Corcoran, Robin Guy, Space Odic Samurai with Fay, featuring The Timelord.
A great success for a cause very close to our hearts.  Looking forward to being there next year. Thanks Phil..!
Hope I didn't catch your Man Flu...
What a great bunch of people to hang out with.........!

For those who haven't heard Night Parade's incredible music, check them out
here  Night Parade.
For the record, they're all spectacular songs - these guys are true talents...but my personal favourite is Demons.  I will never tire of it - and live it knocks my socks off..!

Phil, Pete, Seany, Rob, Rabbit, Matt, and Jay

Here are a few pics from the night, courtesy of Dave Clayton...